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  • Hi boohoo I’d like a manager to contact me because now after 13 emails to ur customer service dept via email I’m still awaiting a manger to call me i have an account t with you and my telephone number is on there or contact me for my number ..I’m extremely annoyed after returning items to you and an item not refunded i was told I wasn’t telling the truth about this item being refunded ..Please can I now speak to a manager asap adele mckenny

  • hello i have just placed two orders, reference numbers are 22679983 and 22680169 ordered them for next day delivery. It is hugely important that they do in fact arrive tomorrow, is there anyway please you can make this 100% posssible?

  • Hi,
    Our order never arrived, for the last two days the driver failed to deliver & never leave us a note to say how to follow it up.
    We have been waiting at home for the last two days and never left home.
    We need that order urgently by tomorrow, we have already provided some more details to help in getting that order delivered eg using the block other entrance and our mobile number.
    Please try to get it right as it is really urgent.
    Many thanks.

  • I orders on Tuesday for next day delivery. It was supposed to be here yesterday and expected date was yesterday yet still no order I have tried contacting you through loads of means and had no response. On tracking it says in transit and hasn’t been updated since 6am yesterday. Where is my Parcel?

  • I ordered a pair of sandals ive returned them asking for a full refund && i still havent recieved the full refund in my account how do i go about this? I wont be ordering again from boohoo

  • I payed day delivery and its saying its going to be here tomorrow and not to day I want a refund on my delivery charge as I needed the stuff for tonight

  • My order was due Friday 10th July and it was urgently required and it has still not arrived. It says it is not due till Wednesday 15the ! which is too late. When will it be here we need today Saturday 11th.

    Please email back straight away please.

  • Ny order was ment to be delived yesturday. I requested next day. Order number is 21594519. I’m still waiting for my order.

  • i brought a pair of shoes and they don’t fit I just want to talk to someone on how to return for a different size

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