Legal Information is a free phone number and others ways of contact search engine that allows contacting companies, government agencies and services.

Contact data and phone numbers are obtained from the corresponding own entities or through third parties. We do not require any registration to participate by providing data, telephone numbers or related information of the entities, services or agencies. Participating can be done by simply sending a comment in the appropriate entity.

In any case, if you wish to contact us please write to info [at]

Rules of Conduct

The purpose of this website is to provide a space for information. Users agree to respect the opinions of other participants and to promote the proper functioning of the service under the above purposes. In particular, users shall not:

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– Prevent, interfere with or modify the proper functioning of these services;

remove or collect any information or personal data without the consent of such persons.

– Introduce or transmit, in any form, commercial or promotional material, chain letters, pyramid schemes or any other content that pursue similar purposes;

Intellectual property

Without prejudice to the rights corresponding to the contents of the Web site individually, all of these, both in its programming, structure, organization, cataloging, indexing, presentation and design are protected in accordance with the laws and international treaties on intellectual property, which shall belong exclusively to All rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation are reserved, unless a private and non-profit use is made.

Data protection

Certain navigation data regarding the IP address of each user are stored in daily log files in our servers. Specifically, the own IP address, the browser, the screen´s definition, language, operating system, and the referer page (including any criteria that have been entered in a search), this allows us to analyse trends, manage links, content on the site and collect statistical information about the users. The user remains anonymous throughout the process and no attempt is made to associate the IP address with the user’s personal data.

Participation in the web through comments requires to provide an “alias” to link comments to the corresponding user, although this fact alone does not identify an individual unless you provide a real name. If a user doesn’t provide the data marked with an asterisk, the comment will not be posted.

The personal data will be processed for the management and publication of comments in our website and stored on our servers, but are not to be transferred in any case to third parties outside the web. Sending your data and comment constitutes acceptance of data treatment and previous cessions stated in this Legal Notice. In any case, the affected may at any time exercise their rights of access, cancellation or rectification in relation to such data, upon request from any of the addresses listed in our Legal Notice and proving their identity through copy of your national identity card or equivalent document.


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Responsibility and moderation Content

Responsibility for content lies with those who enter them. In this sense, not endorse or welcome the information provided by third parties or assume any responsibility from it. can not guarantee there will be no interruptions or errors in accessing the website or its content or that it will be permanently updated without inaccuracies or errors. We will take all efforts aimed at correcting the errors, restore communication and update content as soon as web become aware of it.

In any case, if you think some of the content is threatening, or may be considered unlawful, or offensive in any way please contact us through the address info [at] so we can take appropriate action. reserves the right to make, at any time and without notice, changes and updates to the information contained on this website, configuration, availability and presentation, as well as this Legal Notice.

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  • Boohoo has seriously gone down hill since I last ordered, taken to the old trick of printing out returns labels rather then just putting them in with the order!! Very dissapointed and will not be ordering again!! Won’t benefit in the long run boohoo !!! Oh dear

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